The goal of the clinic is to provide personalized care and to build a warm, caring, trusting, and long-term relationship with the children and the families.  The vision is set to guide the development of the children and to inspire them to reach their full potential with the well visits.  The clinic offers management of chronic illnesses and timely care to treat acute illnesses.  Dr. Hu will offer home visits on the weekends for your newborn’s first exam after leaving the hospital.  So the families will not need to leave their homes during the exciting yet stressful time.

The clinic offers a wide range of quality services, including newborn care, well child checks, annual physicals, sports physicals, asthma care, mental illnesses, and sick visits.  The clinic follows the guidelines and policies on pediatric care issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Telemedicine is available for behavior health management, medication management, and treatment of minor childhood illnesses.

The clinic welcomes families of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Dr. Hu is proficient in both English and Chinese.

Weining Hu, MD, Ph.D, FAAP

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For appointment, please call: 320-227-5010

Same day appointments available

St. Cloud Pediatrics moves to a new medical facility (Simplicity Helathy) to:

3290 42nd Ave S, Suite 100, St. Cloud, MN 56320

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